About eLesson

“It takes another teacher to recognise a teacher’s greatest pain – lesson planning.”

With an average of about 20 hours of contact hours every week, teachers have to spend similar amount of time to grade assignments and homework, attend meeting, participate and lead in extra-curricular activities and most importantly, lesson planning.

As the amount of paperwork and administrative work load increase inevitably, teachers are caught in the tight spot of planning good quality lesson plans while balancing up their workload.  This app has only one vision in mind – to help teachers offload the massive amount of time they need in lesson planning and utilise the said time for more productive workforce.

The app is customised for the use of Malaysian Secondary School English teachers, from Form 1 to Form 5. It contains necessary information such as themes, matching topics, learning outcomes and their codes, suggested key concepts, suggested moral values and preset lesson outlines.  The app is designed to help teachers create a lesson plan easily through simple selection mechanism.  However, the app also allows teachers to customise and edit their lesson plans before storing them.

Each new lesson plan created will be stored in the device memory.  The app also allows users to send the created lesson plan to users’ cloud storage or email inbox.  The app helps users to declutter their devices and digitise their lesson plans.  Users are able to access their lesson plans anywhere via the internet.

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